Lurie Daniel-Favors From Slave Hair to the Fro of the 2000s
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If Angela Davis’ hair was the Afro of the 60's, Lurie Daniel Favors' Afro has got to be the one of the 2000's. This gorgeous woman's thick dense...

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Thick Mature Dreadlocks
African Arts Festival Brooklyn, NY
Jaime Goodwin
America's Next Natural Model Season 5
Withley's Afro
Onions Fashion
Curled and Colored Dreadlocks
At the International African Arts Festival 2008
Fancy Pompadour Roll
Dance Africa 2012
Peacock Dreadlocks
BAM Dance Africa
Beautiful Twist Out
BAM Brooklyn, NY
This is me
Cornrow Updo Cornrow Updo The Colorful Flowing Afro The Colorful Flowing Afro Blue n Bold Blue n Bold Mature Dreadlocks in an updo Mature Dreadlocks in an updo

Aug 6 - Aug 15 * Bad Hair Uprooted exhibit * in Brooklyn, NY

Braid Locs Shooting for Justice



Super impressed by the striking natural hairstyles at BAM Dance Africa in 2003, I started capturing the hairdos for my web community to share the joy and beauty of Black natural hair.

Sponsored by the great Jorgen Raymann to speak at the commemoration of 150 years Emancipation in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, inspired me to start this new chapter: BAD Hair Uprooted

With BAD Hair Uprooted, I also hope to shine a light on the Social Injustice that Black people don't have the fundamental human right to wear their God-given tresses natural. Afros, Cornrows and Dreadlocks, perfect styles for African strands are still stereotyped, considered unprofessional and it kills Black follicles.

So I am shooting for justice aiming to change the perception of natural hair one shot at the time. Please join me by liking, sharing and commenting on the natural hairstyles you love and submit your own beautiful hairdo if you like.

Of course you are more than welcome to come to any of my exhibitions. Sign up for the mailing list so I can keep you posted. I look forward meeting you in person.

Artist Statement


Host an Exhibition

Do you have a great location and more than a few people who will enjoy seeing the Naturals of New York portraits?

Then be the host of the next exhibit! Allow your audience to experience the beauty of Black follicles in real life.

My work has been featured all over the world and I'll be happy to work with you: Contact us



This is why 

It worries me,
to know that black babies come into this world with a head full of hair,
yet our girls are the first to experience hair loss due to our bad hair habits.

It hurts me,
to notice early texture destruction, 
even before one has a chance to get familiar with their fully bloomed natural tresses.

It troubles me,
to see our teenagers wearing weaves,
not for fun adolescent experimenting but to camouflage bald spots.

It  saddens me,
to see women obsessively striving for good hair,
compulsively using bad chemicals that diminish their hair and eventually their self esteem.

It bothers me,
to see our women wearing outrageous expensive weaves,
not as a change of style but as a habit to disguise destructive hair practices.

It upsets me,
that as many as 73% of our women suffer from hair breakage and issues alike 
and we act like it's normal.

It breaks my heart,
to witness nappy vs. chemical battling trying to proof one way is the right way,
while our hair's health isn't improving.

But most of all

It terrifies me,
that we can’t foresee the consequences of our mass chemical manipulation,
using hazardous compounds as often as every two months for decades in a row.





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