Aug 6 - Aug 15 * Bad Hair Uprooted exhibit * in Brooklyn, NY

braidlocs mireille liong smBad Hair Uprooted exhibit on Display  at Green Space NYC Civic Art Lab in Brooklyn, NY

Opening & Artist Talk Aug 6 at 7:00 PM  #badhairuprooted

Photo by Keston Duke


Here is Why



This is why 

It worries me,
to know that black babies come into this world with a head full of hair,
yet our girls are the first to experience hair loss due to our bad hair habits.

It hurts me,
to notice early texture destruction, 
even before one has a chance to get familiar with their fully bloomed natural tresses.

It troubles me,
to see our teenagers wearing weaves,
not for fun adolescent experimenting but to camouflage bald spots.

It  saddens me,
to see women obsessively striving for good hair,
compulsively using bad chemicals that diminish their hair and eventually their self esteem.

It bothers me,
to see our women wearing outrageous expensive weaves,
not as a change of style but as a habit to disguise destructive hair practices.

It upsets me,
that as many as 73% of our women suffer from hair breakage and issues alike 
and we act like it's normal.

It breaks my heart,
to witness nappy vs. chemical battling trying to proof one way is the right way,
while our hair's health isn't improving.

But most of all

It terrifies me,
that we can’t foresee the consequences of our mass chemical manipulation,
using hazardous compounds as often as every two months for decades in a row.




How I got started

Photographer in Action

Like so many daughters of the Diaspora, I had my hair relaxed when I was a teenager. I didn’t know any better than that it was a rite of passage and I was happy to have my Afro straightened.

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Going Natural