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Paris, France!

Aug 6 - Aug 15 * Bad Hair Uprooted exhibit * in Brooklyn, NY

Putting together an exhibition is a lot of work but it doesn't take away from the excitement of going to Paris, to Boucles d'Ebene. Not only am I super exited to have my work on display in the city of lights, "Je 'taime Paris" and it will be great to see Aline Tacite, the wonderful powerful woman behind this huge expo, again.

About Aline

We met in 2003 at the Taliah Wajid show in Atlanta, instantly became friends and have been in touch ever since. Aline worked diligently to spread the message of Natural hair in a time when our strands weren't all that popular. The Island girl from Guadeloupe organized the very first Natural Hair show in Paris in 2005 which was a tremendous success with over 10,000 visitors in one weekend. You can read an early interview with Aline Tacite about Boucles d'Ebene.

In 2012 she invited me to Guadeloupe where she partnered with the Black History Month organization to celebrate natural hair See Going Natural in Guadeloupe.

Ten years after her very first natural hair show Aline runs her own salon while working on the 5th edition of BE which promises to be the best expo yet.

Boucles d'Ebene

What started out as a hair expo has now grown to be the largest Black trade show in Europe. The way I see it, it will be the most exiting Diaspora melting pot with at least five American hair product companies represented, teams from the Netherlands, Suriname Guadeloupe, Martinique and probably a few more. With the hottest Hairstylists, Fashion designers, Jewelry makers, Food innovators and educators one should hope that 3 days will be enough to experience it all. Tickets for the event are available at at the Boucles d'Ebene Webstie

BAD Hair Upooted

On May 31st at 11:00 am I am scheduled to have an artist talk about BAD Hair Uprooted. I am already exited and looking forward meeting you there in real life. 

Going Natural